Billy Grahame to pass Donald Lockhart in goals

Billy Grahame is only 20 goals behind the NHL's career leading goalscorer Donald Lockhart. Lockhart finished his career with an amazing 1,169 goals. Billy Grahame currently has 1,149 goals and has never scored less than 43 goals in a season. Grahame will be 34 this season and will easily beat Lockhart's all-time record. The way Billy Grahame has played over his career he could easily achieve 1,400 goals in his career.

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Aris Reekie 1 assist shy of 1,400

Aris Reekie has signed a 1- year contract extension with the Victoria Vikings. Reekie currently has 1,399 career assists which is good for 8th all-time. Reekie will need 46 assists next season to grab the 6th overall spot on the all-time list. The good news for Reekie is that the last time he scored less than 46 assists was 9 seasons ago with Minnesota. Reekie will try to lead Victoria to their first cup this season with what might be his last shot before retirement.

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Jean- Pierre Elik 1 goal away from 800

37- year old Elik finished out last season 1 goal short of 800 career goals. After scoring 40 goals last season there is not doubt he will reach the milestone early next season. The only question is what team will he be playing for? After playing 1 year in St. John's after being traded from St. Louis, Elik must decide where to play next season. With several teams expected to make offers for the all-star winger could end up just about anywhere. Elik, who is already 7th all-time in goals could easily move up a few more spots before he retires.

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Rocky Walzer 64 penalty minutes away from 5000

Rocky Walzer has already spent more time in the box than any other player in NHL history. It would seem that someone forgot to tell him that he already holds the number 1 spot. Playing defense for the Thrashers, Walzer spent an amazing 446 total minutes in the Sin Bin. One might ask why the Thrashers would want someone who spends so much time in the box; even though Walzer hit a career high in PIMs he still managed to score 13 goals and 62 assists. In fact Walzer has 1,215 points in 1,611 NHL games including 923 assists. Walzer causes as much commotion on the scoreboard as he does with his fists, which makes him a valuable NHL commodity. As well as Walzer continues to play he just might hit the 6,000 mark by the end of his career..

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