Arturo Spiller has most goals by a defenseman

711 is a lot of goals for any player, let alone a defenseman. Arturo Spiller retired this season with the most career goals in 2K Project. Spiller had 11 30+ goal seasons and was a threat from anywhere on the ice during his entire NHL career. Spiller also had 1,467 career points to make him one of the best offensive defenseman in history. Spiller finished his career at 20th for most career goals and also 11th all-time in PIMs. Spiller was one of the rare players who could fight and score and will always be remembered for both. Spiller spent most of his career in Colorado and Nashville before coming over to Victoria for 1 final season.

Centomo finishes season with 1,822 career assists

With 243 assists more than 3rd place, Johnathon Centomo will hold 2nd place all-time in assists for a long time. Centomo trails Wayne Gretzky by 141 assists, but could not realistically catch him with only 1 more season. Centomo has more assists than any other 2K Project player and will most likely hold the record for years if not forever. Centomo has played for New Jersey, Alberta, Atlanta, Washington and St. Loius during his 28 NHL seasons. Centomo will look to play for a cup contender this season for what is most likely the last in his career.

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Billy Grahame scores 105 goals in regular season

The only thing that could have topped Billy Grahame's 101 goal run in Season 39 was scoring 105 goals in Season 40. The Prowlers center took home the Rocket Richard award for the 7th straight season. Grahame now has an astonishing 623 goals in 738 games and has broke records nobody thought could be broken. Grahame, who was drafted by Dakota scored 43 goals in his rookie season and has steadily increased every season since. If the young center keeps up his current pace he may just end up 2K Project's all-time leading scorer. Grahame made his way to the Prowlers when he was traded for all-star center Victor Peat, young phenom Sidney Crosby and
hard-nosed defenseman Ken Po.

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Rocky Walzer racks up 446 PIMs

Walzer broke his own career record for PIMs again last season when he racked up 446 during Season 40. Walzer hold the record for career PIMs and the newest PIMs in a single season record.
Walzer has spent 8 season with the Atlanta Thrashers where he has been an offensive threat as well as one of the leagues best defenseman.

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