Billy Grahame on the move?

Billy Grahame, the NHL's top star might be looking to play hockey elsewhere. After 6 seasons with the Alberta Anarchy, Grahame's contract is up and he may not re-sign with the club. Grahame has shattered records since coming into the league and has 1,149 goals in 1,297 games. Grahame who is hands- down the most gifted goal scorer in history has played for Dakota, Upper Peninsula and Alberta but may look to finish up his career in a new city. "I want to weigh my options," said Grahame "I have had alot of fun in Alberta but I woudln't mind playing elsewhere if the conditions were right." 

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Centomo to a cup contender?

Johnathon Centomo has expressed his desire to play one more season of hockey in the NHL. The 46 year old has 407 goals and 1,822 assists over his 28 season career. Centomo has won 4 Stanley Cups all with Alberta and although he is the NHL's oldest player he still feels like he has something to give. Centomo will shop himself around and try to find a job in the NHL for one more season. Centomo finished last season with 3 goals and 51 assists and feels he is able to achieve at least 40 points this season.

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Jean- Pierre Elik & Aris Reekie to play together again?

Elik has hinted that he may want to play with his old Nashville linemate one more time. Reekie and Elik were drafted to Nashville in the same year when Reekie was 17 and Elik was 19. The two played on the same line together on the Predators for 9 seasons before they both resigned with different teams. Both found more success on other teams then they did with Nashville as Reekie won a Stanley Cup with the Prowlers and Elik with Boston. "I would really like a chance to play with him (Reekie) again," Elik stated last week "We never could pull it together with Nashville, maybe we could do it with someone else."

Elik is a free agent this season and Reekie has 1 year left on his contract with the Minnesota Wild.

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Sid Skivolocke to play 1 last season?

Skivolocke who played out his contract for Dakota had said he wished to retire at the end of Season 40. At 41-years old Skivolocke is 6th all-time in wins with 721 career wins, but Skivolocke is the best goaltender to never win a Cup. Spending his career with Florida, Winnipeg and St. John's before coming to the North Stars last season Skivy just never was able to bring home a Cup. "I have played for some good teams," said Skivolocke "We could just never seem to take it all the way."

After 42-year old Murray Kasparaitis won his first and only Stanley Cup before he retired last season, Skivy says he's thinking about trying the same. "I want to play one more season with a team that has a shot at the Cup," he said in a news conference. "I just want one more shot."

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